apparently we're making a game?

We're still in the very early stage of developing the game, a.k.a. putting a bunch of ideas together and turning them into a concept! We did make a game design document (although i feel like we're far from done, but we'll update it as we go).  We've made a repository for the game (a public repository because, heck, $$$). But hey! Progress have been made. From just puking out a bunch of random thoughts we had on what would make a good (or meme-y) platformer game, we actually organized those ideas and formed something. 

First of all, we decided to infuse story (nothing super serious or intense, but enough for a platformer) into our game. Also, slip in a dash of psychological horror (we'll get into it later) while we're at it. We decided we would make a game with a hikkikomori (for those who don't know, it's a japanese word meaning shut-in) starring the game, with the name (or nickname?) hikky. Hence, the title of our game : hikky. (yes, the dot is part of the title) 

Second of all, the story aspect of the game. As any other shut-ins, hikky is very dependent on internet. One night, he has a blackout in his house, rendering him helpless; for he is nothing without his trusty wi-fi. He has to go to the nearest minimarket to buy electricity tokens in order to turn the electricity back on in the house. But being a hikkikomori, going out for a walk to the nearest minimarket isn't an easy job for him. As an added bonus, it's also in the night. Isn't that just convenient?  

Third, we'll have three endings for the game! A bad ending, a good ending, and a true ending. We may or may not reduce or add the amount of endings into the game (we have yet to see any reasons to do that), but we will definitely have multiple endings. 

Third, game mechanics. For the most part, we'll be using the keyboard for our input. We will also use the mouse, for the player to look around and interact (m1). The keyboard is mostly for movements. 

Fourth, we'll have tiny bits and pieces of comics (or animated stills) to enhance the story's strength in the game. We won't have them after every level, but they will be there in the beginning and the end of the game as well as after some of the levels. We haven't decided yet on how much of them there will be, but we can say that they'll be there when the game is done.

That's what we've gotten done so far. We haven't designed the logo for the game or made any clean concept art for it or assets. We'll try to make our concept as concrete as possible before moving on to making assets and actually making the game. So, all the things we've written above are subject to change; as with any other games being developed. Anyway, we're obligated (thank you, school) to post an update every week, no matter how much progress have been done on the game. Be sure to look forward (or not, i mean, it's up to you) to our next update! 

- hikky. devs 

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