oh hey, long time no see

We've recently been told to keep the devlogs up to 12 devlogs, so we decided to split posts into tiny bits and pieces (because we kinda forgot to post our progress as we went, our bad). We've decided to split one 'overall' devlog (since we haven't updated this log in quite a while) depending on the topic. In this devlog, we'll talk about assets! But we'll attach our latest build in all the devlogs. 

First of all, we have a whole bunch of new assets. You can see them right here. We have a lot of assets done up until the fourth level (park). This also includes puzzles and its pieces. We're still missing the hobo but hey, we can get it done.  Here are some of the new assets! One creepy tree (what's hanging on them? We can't tell! It'll spoil the fun) and one piece of background.

Second of all, we fixed hikky's animation. So crouching hikky being stealthy and all would look more compliant with the whole theme. 

We don't really have a lot to talk about in the assets department, so that's about it! In the next devlog, we'll talk about the gameplay and the changes we made to it because of time restrictions. 

- hikky. devs


HikkyPrototype2.0 12 MB
Jan 27, 2018

Get hikky.

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