bugs and... other bugs...

Like we promised in the previous devlog, we'll talk about the technical side of the build in this post!

Build wise, we already stated (or did we?) that we fixed the flashlight. Yes, for real! It's actually functioning this time. Other than that, we've added dogs (moving dogs) and puzzles. The last two as far as we know, isn't in the attached build yet. We've also made manholes as per our initial game design, but as of now it's not a hundred percent functioning. Yes, the player can fall into the manhole, but they won't immediately die once they do. That's something we still have to fix.

We fixed our push and pull scripts, so they're more efficient. They take up less space, but do the job just as well.

Regarding puzzles, we already have an idea on what to do since the start but we don't really know how to implement it just yet. We'll ask our friends for help on this one. 

It's taken us more time to make proper builds for this game because our programmers run unity on two different versions, and often have to run the codes / build back and forth between one another. 

That's about it for this devlog! The bits of devlogs are split into three, and this is the final one. We've talked about the assets, the gameplay, and the build. We'll save our final devlog for a few days before our exam (we'll make more changes, and we want to document it as much as we can!). We'll also tell you if the game ends up being finished or not. If it doesn't, we'll continue developing it and polishing it! 

From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to say thank you to all of you who have been supporting us. Reading our devlogs, giving us pointers in creating assets or making codes, and also moral support. Thank you from us hikky. devs. See you in the next devlog, cheers!

- hikky. devs


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Jan 27, 2018

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