a (kind of) functioning build

Hey y'all! Before we get into the good stuff, we have to get into the bad news first. Progress have been slow; all of us are pretty much swamped with school work so we didn't get to do a lot this week! Now, onto the good news. We've polished our page and it now has pretty much all the basic info and so on for hikky. ! We just need to add a banner and i think we're good to go.

Anyway, look at all these commits on this one part of the repo.

Wohoo! The other good news is, we have a (kind of) proper build now! We haven't made the main menu, and we're still working on the UI. The first level is (sort of) playable at this stage. The jump mechanics is still kind of wonky, at most. I think with modifying the speed (because right now it looks like hikky is just jumped with the power of an ant), upping it a bit more, it should be okay. Also, the colliders on the left side of the wall (to limit the player's movement) is already functioning! But we haven't added a trigger for the right collider wall (the one that lets the player to move into another room). We also haven't added subtitles. We also haven't added an overlay to the first two scenes (because it's supposed to look like as if you have a blackout), and we'll add that soon! 

Remember when we said hikky would be able to move back and forth, jump, and also move his flashlight around? We still haven't found a way to code that last bit just yet. 

We've pretty much finished the first two levels except for the problems described above. Also, you may notice the robot dude on the left hand of the screen there. And you may be thinking, that's not hikky...., and that's good. Because that dude isn't! The animation for hikky hasn't been fully polished yet, so we decided to just use a placeholder character for now (we grabbed this one from unity itself because heck, why not?).  Alright, that's it from us this week. See you guys in the next devlog!

- hikky. devs

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