help?? owo???? pwease???

Did the title of our devlog attract your attention? Good. Because hey, we made a lot of progress in the last few days! (the power of deadlines, man) But here's a screenshot of what's happening.

As of now, we already have an actual animation for Hikky! We also added dialogues (but we're still trying to figure out how to add dialogue boxes so the texts would come out clearer). We've also fixed the colliders for the rooms, and made a menu and all the other good stuff.  Unfortunately, we don't know what happened, but we couldn't make the prototype with the menu and everything else attached to it. We're looking into it. Since we're unable to build the game with the menu and other non-gameplay related scenes, we're just gonna give you guys the screenshot.

Also,  Hikky can move boxes now! Huzzah! We also fixed the jump in the second level. 

We also made an endscreen, if the player dies. It still looks pretty rough, but at least we have things going !

Remember what we said about adding animations for Hikky? We did make a few animations for him; one for him sneaking around, and two for walking around. The first two animations are working out pretty well, the latter however, isn't. As you can see in the screenshot down below, we haven't figured out how to add his arm. The idea was to make his upper arm stay still while his lower arm can move around according to where the cursor is. Since we haven't found out how to do that yet, we just left it as is.

Right now, we leave you with a semi playable game build. We call it semi playable because we still have a lot of unfinished stuff, and we think the first two levels of the game doesn't really capture the essence of hikky. itself; since we planned this game out as a game that has a slow build into the plot.

Other than that, that's it for now! Look forward for more updates, cheers.

- hikky. devs


HikkyPrototype1.0 19 MB
Oct 30, 2017

Get hikky.


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I can not download the build. Can you make sure that the game is uploaded correctly

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Updated download link. We do have a newer build with improved features, we'll upload them this evening.