trade-offs we made because of time restrictions

As promised, in this devlog we'll talk bout the gameplay! We've made a few more changes to the currently attached build, but we're writing this before that; so alas, the build does not completely portray it. Although most of it are true.

Because of time restrictions and, pardon us, the lack of time management on our end, we have to cut our game short. We were planning to make  a longer game. Still a game you can play in one sitting, with a little bit more depth to it (story-wise). We cut our levels short. We were planning about 10 levels, and now we halved it. 

And in order to keep up with the story aspect of the game, we upped the pace. You can probably tell from the current build attach. Most of the levels are pretty short, with the exception of the park level. Not to mention, 

Other than that, we added highscores and are reconsidering about the death counter. As i said, we have time restrictions so trade-offs must be made. We're very hesitant about dropping the death counter entirely, since it's one of the core aspects of the game itself. The idea was if your death counter falls in a different number compared to your friend's, you both will get different endings; if the numbers are very different. For example, 5 deaths and below you'll get ending A. 6 - 10 deaths you'll get ending B, and so on. 

At this point, we decided simplifying the game is probably the best way to go about with things as it is. We tossed out some parts of our core gameplay, and improved / added details on the ones that stayed. Sure, we minimized our horizons as of what are the things the player are able to play / do / see / etc., but we put a lot more effort on making what we're able to have depth.

That's about it for gameplay! Tldr; faster pace and dropping some core gameplay aspects to make up room for other things. We'll see you guys in the next devlog. In the next devlog, we'll talk about technical things that relates to the build. Cheers!

- hikky. devs 


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Jan 27, 2018

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