more in-game objects! (semi) fixed colliders! wowee

Hi everyone! We have new game objects, most of them are interactables. As per usual, they're all in our repo. Here, have a cute sleeping cat!

We have a few stuff for the second level also. Like this very spooky sofa (we're kidding, i mean, obviously you guys can see the sarcasm dripping out of the italicized parts, right?  we hope so).

Now, regarding the build, we're still having problems with the collision boxes (the one ad the edges of each level); but we're still looking into it! But wait, didn't we tell you we fixed the colliders? Well, we did fix it for the most part. It runs smoothly in the first 30 seconds or so of playing the game, but then it turns out to be a pretty big gamebreaking bug by the end of that 30 seconds. We're thinking we should either delete those colliders entirely and replace it with something else, or continue on working with those colliders. For now, we'll choose to stick to the latter. 

If all else fails, we'll resort to the first one. Subtitles have been (sort of) added, but they're not triggered correctly. We will try to fix it soon.  And as you can see above, there's not a lot that has changed in terms of visual. We just added and took out some stuff. We also added music (hurray!) and sound effects; for example the sound that the hikky makes whenever he walks. 

And regarding the next level, we don't know what happened so a few things were missing and we basically had to start from scratch. But it should all be done before the next devlog. That is all from us, cheers!

- hikky. devs

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