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For the past few days, we've been focusing more on the aesthetics and the level designs of the game. We've assigned tasks for each members of the group, and we've started making background for the game. With the level design, we've tackled 4 levels (including two 'basic' levels) so far, and we're looking to expand those last two levels before moving on to creating the other ones. 

We've decided on making two different types of levels. One focusing more on exploration and puzzles, and the other one on platforming (thus far, we're still thinking about every level having a different play style; it's still a possibility). The first two levels serves as 'tutorials', some stated implicitly and some explicitly. The game lets you know and get familiar with the controls, and lets you know of the consequences; should you be a bit too reckless.

Also, it has only occurred to us that we've never explained who does what. We have three artists in team obligation, and each have their own divisions. Bela will be focusing on UI and animation related things, Hana will handle the backgrounds, and Zephania will handle the in-game interactables. Meanwhile, Livia and Yana will be doing the codes. Everyone takes part in the game design and sound, but the first bit is primarily Livia's job and the latter, well, it's to be decided. We're saving sounds for last, as at this point none of us really specialize in sound engineering and we think leaving that one until the last bit (at least the last bit of the prototype stage) would be okay and that it would be more beneficial for us to focus on other things in the meantime.

We've finished some assets for the first two levels, and you can view them in our repo. Here's one of them.

We've also made some backgrounds! Again, we've put them in our repo right here. Here are one of the finished ones.

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